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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic violence is an unfortunately common occurrence in our society. It is estimated that 33% of women will experience violence in a relationship over the course of their lifetime. Moreover, approximately 14% of women will be seriously injured as a result of domestic violence. Domestic violence knows no social or cultural boundaries: it occurs in all ethnicities and social classes, and across all levels of education or employment.


Most people think of domestic abuse as involving physical aggression such as hitting, pushing, or sexual assault. These are some of the more obvious indicators of domestic abuse. However, domestic abuse often involves verbal abuse. This can include yelling at you, belittling or insulting you, and threatening you. Domestic abuse often involves other, subtler forms of aggression as well. It can include taking your phone or car keys so you do not leave an area, physically restraining you from leaving a room or your house, controlling the household finances, deciding which friends you can visit and when, isolating you from others, and generally engaging in behaviors that cause you fear.


Therapy can help victims of domestic abuse and violence in several ways. It can help you understand the abusive nature of the behaviors. It can also help you develop an awareness of the underlying power and control dynamics behind the abusive behaviors. Therapy can also help people who are in an abusive relationship develop strategies to get out of, and remain out of the relationship.


Even after leaving an abusive relationship, several scars might remain. Therapy can provide support for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Therapy can help you recognize that the abuse was not your fault. It can help you work toward being better able to trust future relationships without fearing further abuse. Therapy can also help you restore your sense of self and self-identity following the abusive relationship.


Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational and informative purposes only, and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment. Only a qualified mental health professional can render a diagnosis and provide adequate treatment for Domestic Violence.

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