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Forensic Consultation

Just as the law is in many regards a foreign language to mental health professionals, several psychological concepts may be foreign to attorneys.  For this reason Dr. Giacomoni is available for consultation to review other psychologist’s evaluations and offer feedback to the attorneys regarding the quality of those evaluations. Forensic Consultation St Paul


Although each consultation will differ depending of the needs of the attorney, the primary scope of the consultation will be to outline the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation.  The review will consider the nature of the information gathered (or omitted) during the clinical interview, the selection of the tests administered, the interpretation of the test data, and the soundness of the conclusions based upon the clinical information.


To the extent that there are weaknesses in the evaluation, the consultation can help the attorneys understand the nature of those weaknesses and help develop effective approaches for cross-examination.  Conversely, the consultation could confirm that the other psychologist’s evaluation is thorough and well conducted, such that the attorney can decide whether to proceed with negotiations based upon that information.


Please Note: For ethical reasons once a psychologist is retained to consult on a case, that psychologist would not be able to subsequently conduct an independent evaluation of the client.


Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to serve as legal information or advice.  It is not a guarantee of how a specific evaluation will or should be conducted, as each evaluation is unique and requires an individual approach.

Forensic Consultation St Paul Forensic Consultation St Paul

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