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Forensic Evaluations Minneapolis Forensic Evaluations Minneapolis

Forensic Evaluations

North Star Mental Health, LLC provides psychological evaluations to assist in a variety of court matters.  We provide evaluations for both criminal court (e.g., competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility) and civil court (e.g., personal injury, workers compensation).  At this time we do not provide evaluations for family court (e.g., child custody or parental fitness).  We have provided forensic evaluations in various states, as well as at the federal level.


Forensic evaluations are based upon empirical data and typically consist of a thorough interview, the administration of validated testing instruments, a review of available records, obtaining collateral information, and an analysis of response style (feigning).  Psychological data is then applied to relevant state statutes and case law to help inform the court in addressing the ultimate issue.  North Star Mental Health, LLC has a particular specialty of evaluations involving PTSD whether the matter involves a combat veteran, relational abuse, domestic violence, or other traumatic experiences.


Due to the complex legal issues involved in forensic evaluations, we prefer to be contacted by the attorneys rather than directly by the parties themselves.

Forensic Evaluations Minneapolis Forensic Evaluations Minneapolis

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