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Good Faith Estimate

Federal law requires that patients who prefer to pay for services out of pocket (i.e., not use insurance) be provided with a Good Faith Estimate of their anticipated fees.  There are two primary services provided by North Star Mental Health, LLC that fall under this category: Individual Therapy and Psychological Assessments.

For individual therapy your cost per session will be worked out with your provider, and many of our providers offer a sliding scale for services.  As therapy typically occurs on a weekly basis, the typical monthly cost for services is four times the weekly session rate.  However, at times the recommended frequency of sessions might be increased or decreased, depending on clinical needs or patient desires, and your estimated monthly cost will change accordingly.  It is important that you understand that you do not have to agree to an increased frequency of sessions when such is recommended, though this might impact your therapeutic progress.

Due to the nature of therapy, it is not possible to estimate the total duration of therapy.  Often, patients begin therapy to address one clinical issue, and over time find themselves addressing various other issues (divorce, loss of job, medical illness, etc.).  It is important to understand that you largely control the total length of therapy, and can choose to terminate therapy at any time.

For psychological assessments the total cost for the assessment will be discussed at the onset, and might vary depending on the nature of the clinical issue being assessed.  On occasion the assessment process will suggest that additional psychological instruments will need to be administered, which might change the total cost of the assessment.  Any such changes will be discussed with you prior to taking place.  You will be under no obligation to agree to the additional testing and costs.  However, declining such additional testing might impair your provider’s ability to render a thorough assessment.

The Good Faith Estimate that you receive will be only an estimate.  It will not include any unforeseen services such as emergency sessions, psychological testing, or court testimony.  It also will not include any services that might be recommended or requested at an outside agency.

Your Good Faith Estimate is not a contract and will not obligate you to initiate or continue services with North Star Mental Health, LLC.  You are free to terminate services at any time.  You will, however, still be responsible for any unpaid balance of services received.

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