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Kyle J. Smyth, MPS

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Kyle is the kind of therapist who believes you are more than your substance abuse or diagnoses.  There is more to therapy than simply avoiding substance use or making you feel bad about your history.  “Substance abuse” or “mental illness” may be labels others use to define how you should feel about yourself, how other people think about you, and even what some therapists focus on in session.  However, Kyle believes you deserve to have a voice in your life and in your relationships that is not based on labels.  Your therapy can revolve around what is important to you, and Kyle will help you look beyond the labels and stigmas that have held you back.

Kyle has been known to respectfully push people toward growth, health, and better relationships, because he knows you can take it.  He can teach you how to respectfully challenge others in your life too.  Kyle works hard to create a non-judgmental space for you to better understand and improve your relationship with yourself and with others.  Kyle does not believe that there is one right way to be a person, or in a relationship.  For that reason, Kyle strives to be inclusive of all gender, sexual, and relationship identities.

Kyle’s work with individuals dealing with substance use disorders and co-morbid mental health disorders has shown him the importance of treating the whole person.  He understands that many people struggling with addiction also have histories of trauma.  For this reason, Kyle has obtained advanced training in working with trauma, and can offer both EMDR and BrainSpotting as part of your therapy.

Kyle earned his Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Integrated Behavioral Health from the University of Minnesota, where he previously earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.  When not working Kyle is passionate about music and photography.  Kyle lives with his spouse, son, and two cats.

Kyle is being supervised by Dr. Carlo A. Giacomoni.

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