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Malingering (also referred to as Feigning or Symptom Distortion) is an integral component of any forensic evaluation.  Understandably, people being evaluated in the context of litigation, whether criminal or civil, have an identifiable motivation to present in a disingenuous manner during a forensic evaluation.  For these reasons it is important that the examinee be routinely and consistently assessed for symptom distortion throughout a forensic evaluation.


In its forensic evaluations North Star Mental Health, LLC, assesses for symptom distortion though a variety of techniques.  These include using several validated instruments that have been held to meet both the Frye and Daubert standards, discerning pattern of unusual symptom reports, and comparing present self-reports against previous records. Malingering in Minneapolis MN


Disclaimer: The information on this page is not intended to serve as legal information or advice.  It is not a guarantee of how a specific evaluation will or should be conducted, as each evaluation is unique and requires an individual approach.

Malingering in Minneapolis MN

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