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Veterans Mental Health Services Minneapolis

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Veterans Services

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 approximately 2.5 million Americans have been deployed to the Middle East.  Sadly, it is estimated that 14% of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters will develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of their combat experiences.  Memories of those experiences do not remain overseas, and many veterans (with PTSD or not) experience considerable difficulties following their military service.


These difficulties include experiencing extreme anxiety in crowded areas (e.g. classrooms, grocery stores, movie theaters), distressful dreams and nightmares, feeling a need to keep an eye on others, and monitoring the environment for escape routes.  These veterans often feel unreasonable irritability and can express anger toward others.  They can also feel detached from friends and family members.  At times they can even have moments in which they believe that a combat situation is happening again.


Although some veterans might not be able to explain these experiences, or might even be ashamed of them, the causes and patterns of these behaviors are known and are understandable.  Fortunately, mental health professionals have been developing increasingly effective ways of understanding, explaining, and working with these emotions and behaviors.


Individual Therapy:
North Star Mental Health, LLC offers therapy for veterans that have experienced combat trauma, with or without PTSD.  We have experience and training using Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Exposure Therapy, which are two of the most effective treatments for PTSD. In addition to addressing traumatic experiences, therapy can focus on the depression and anxiety that often accompanies combat trauma. At times some veterans use alcohol or other substances to help manage their traumatic memories, depression, and anxiety.  We work to address this substance use and can help develop more effective strategies for managing those emotions. When appropriate, we can consult with psychiatrists and primary care physicians regarding medication considerations.


Court Evaluations:
North Star Mental Health, LLC has experience providing several evaluations of veterans involved in the criminal court system.  The evaluations help advise the court of the impact that combat trauma and/or PTSD has on how the veteran perceived a situation that led to criminal charges, and can often be used to mitigate the charges or sentences.  Such evaluations could also be used in veterans court for veterans charged with non-violent offenses.


Compensation & Pension Examinations
Although initial C&P exams are typically conducted at the VAMC, North Star Mental Health, LLC can provide secondary evaluations to determine whether a veteran qualifies for a diagnosis of PTSD.  The evaluation also helps determine the level of impairment that the veteran is experiencing, leading to a service connection rating.

Veterans Mental Health Services Minneapolis

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